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supervisor chu: welcome back to the budget and finance subcommittee. we left off at items four and five. please call items four and five -- actually, just four for now. >> hearing to review the final host city agreement negotiated by the city for consistency with the board's prior approval of said agreement, review of the court plans for tenant
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relocation and current status of available for properties from a briefing by office of economic and workforce development regarding the implementation plans, and review of stakeholder out beach plan and scoping of the eir required under ceqa. would you like me to read item 5? supervisor chu: just item four for now. this item has been brought to us by supervisor mirkarimi. would you like to make some opening comments? supervisor mirkarimi: sure, thank you. i had requested well over a month ago that the budget analyst follow-through in providing an analysis of any modifications and changes to the proposal, to the deal that has been ratified by the board of supervisors of december 14. we all very enthusiastically unanimously had supported the
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deal december 14 and was aware that there had been some modifications by city negotiators in order to meet the demands of bmw oracle by the event authority, by december 31. up until that point, there had been a number of meetings, a series of meetings and the minister by us here at the board of supervisors and the budget committee that really helped watchdog and spotlight the evolving discussion of what our city position was going to be in securing the right to host america's cup. i was one of its earliest supporters in trying to rally the city family from the board in recognizing, i think, the benefits of us pursuing the america's cup vigorously and proud of the fact that we were able to do so collectively. i also made it clear that in the course of that pursuit, that
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this be a deal unlike any other for san francisco city and county and, frankly, for the bay area because of our leadership in pursuing this deal, that we are obligated in making sure that process and the governance of how this deal is to be transacted is really beyond approach in its integrity and the fact that transparency and the integrity of that transparency would always remain intact. so i think it is only fitting that because of changes that occurred between december 15 and 31st, the public has yet to benefit from a full understanding as to what the gains, the losses, the liabilities or obligations are potentially of any of those alterations of the original deal. i thank the budget analyst and
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his staff for working diligently to provide us with what has obviously been some eye- catching information. there had been in my reading of the material some substantial changes, but i think there is good answers waiting for us by the port authority and the negotiators as to either justification or approach for why some of those changes were made. that is the discussion we are going to have here today. in essence, the budget analyst office has already spoken, by the report that has been published, so what i'm going to ask is that we have for authority city's fee to the issues that i think stand out the most by the budget analyst, and that raises potentially some concerns or eyebrows about exactly the impact of any of those deals changes and to the benefit or loss of the city. i really do hope, to be honest
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with you, that our ability to host the cup remains uninterrupted. i do realize that there are other milestones in this process, like the dda requiring approval, and other leverage points that fortified the board of supervisors' oversight in this particular deal, but why wait months down the road when, obviously, with information before us right now reflected of that two weeks before the deal had changed, do we let this opportunity go by, not fully understanding with the realm of its impacts are? consistent with where we started, let's continue to move down this path, and i look forward to the discussion i have facilitated here today. supervisor chu: 90. i want to take a brief moment to recognize supervisor campos, who has joined us for this committee -- thank you. supervisor chiu: i wanted bank
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supervisor mirkarimi -- thank supervisor mirkarimi for proposing this hearing today. for ensuring that what we voted on in the middle of september remains essentially the same. i know there have been a lot of questions raised, and i want to thank the different parties that have been putting together some of the answers. i look forward to hearing fuller exposition on that today. the one thing i want to add as this is the first public conversation we have had about the america's cup here at the board since the discussion we had in december, and it is my hope this is the first of a number of public conversations we're going to have. i know that during the public hearings we had, the city and america's cup organizers had committed that there would be very explicit conversations with various community stakeholders around transit issues, a round